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Blue Bay Living, much more than a Penthouse!

Published : 08/04/2020 16:25:15
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Blue Bay Living Penthouse has many attractive features, including its exceptional location overlooking the fabulous Blue Bay lagoon and Ile des Deux Cocos. It consists of a terrace and a life-size private swimming pool will make you live an exclusive and privileged stay. 

The terrace of this penthouse is THE PLACE where you can create your most beautiful memories with your family or friends during your holidays in Mauritius.

Blue Bay Living Penthouse private pool by StayMauritius

A one of a kind penthouse for a family to indulge in an enviable luxurious holiday. Blue Bay Living is modern and very welcoming, it can accommodate up to 8 people with its four bedrooms and en suite bathrooms. 

You will have direct access to a lovely semi-private beach that will convince you to drop your suitcases there during your stay in Mauritius. Without forgetting the shared swimming pool which also offers an incredible panorama of the turquoise lagoon.

Blue Bay Living Penthouse beach by StayMauritius




  • L'Île des Deux Cocos

The island you can see from Blue Bay Living Penthouse is the well-known Île des Deux Cocos. Located in the South-East coast of Mauritius, it offers a dream setting for real leisure and relaxation. Spectacular ocean views on the south and the Blue Bay Marine Reserve on the east make this island everything you would expect from a private island. Allow yourself a day to enjoy this magical place during your stay.

Ile des Deux Cocos

Whether you choose to walk along the shady paths or explore the outstanding underwater life, Île des Deux Cocos offers you an exceptional and unique experience to live with your family and friends!

  • Explore Blue Bay Marine Park

Blue Bay offers one of the best snorkelling sites in Mauritius and an abundance of marine life to be discovered. Located on the south-east coast, Blue Bay Bay was declared a National Park in 1997 before being declared a RAMSAR Site of World Importance in 2008.

The Blue Bay Marine Park is known for its incredible coral garden, which is home to a multitude of corals and abundant wildlife. Its rich biodiversity, its proximity to the coast and its mild, shallow waters offer ideal conditions for snorkeling. A real underwater forest awaits you just a few centimetres below the surface of the water.

For those who don't have the opportunity to dive or see such a show, it is truly magical and easily accessible.

  • Street food : mine (noodles) at Marymine

The small Mary Mine's food stand of Marylyne's, which is located in the public parking area of Blue Bay, is a real delight for the eyes and the mouth. You can choose between delicious fried mines (fried noodles) with chicken and/or beef or the cooked version, the famous boiled mine (boiled noodles) prepared with love. Go and visit this lovely stand!



  • L’Ile aux Aigrettes et l'île aux Fouquets

L'île aux Aigrettes is an ecotourism destination and nature reserve of 27 hectares, on an island of coral limestone, located approximately 800m from the coast of Pointe d'Esny. The island was declared a natural reserve in 1965 and serves as a sanctuary for endemic and endangered wildlife species. 

Visits are only possible as part of a guided tour (departure from Pointe Jérome), during which you will meet the giant Aldabra turtles, ebony trees, wild orchids, the endangered pink pigeon and other rare bird species. The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation manages the reserve and organizes guided tours.

Better known as "Ile au Phare" by the locals, Île aux Fouquets is not far from Ile aux Aigrettes. An old lighthouse overlooking this rocky islet was built during the British period in the 1860s. This place has been classified as a historical monument, since it was the main witness of the colonization of Mauritius.

- Have fun during a Kitesurfing Session

Pointe d'Esny kiting spot is located in the largest lagoon of Mauritius: a huge turquoise pool protected by the coral reef. The spot is ideally located close to the International Airport.

It's perfect to sail in a south-easterly wind or a southerly wind (the wind is then side shore). The reef is not very far, which is fantastic for sailing over the beautiful corals. There is also a wreck of a stranded boat close to the reef, an unreal place to kite next to it.


The access is through a very small path, which arrives in the middle of the beach. It is not easy to find - better ask for directions!

Kite Surf by StayMauritius



An emblematic attraction of Mauritius, the village of Mahébourg is a perfect blend of Creole and colonial architecture whose history goes back several centuries, dating back to the time of Dutch colonisation.

The waterfront is ideal for a walk along the azure water on a sunny day, surrounded by many interesting historical sites, typical Mauritian cuisine, exotic colours and the magnificent Lion Mountain in the background.

A memorial stands at the Waterfront to commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives during the Battle of Grand Port, as well as a nautical map showing the events going back several years. Paved trails lead to the famous landmark known as the Battle of the Pass (Bataille de la Passe).

Mahebourg by StayMauritius

Visit the Naval History Museum which retraces the history of the battles fought in the same bay between the French Navy and the Royal Navy, with a presentation of the famous teak wood model ships built by Mauritians.

Now it's the turn of the Mahébourg bazaar! Every Monday, this one proposes local crafts, fresh products and street food as you wish.

We have decided to make you discover an explosion of colours known in the region... it's a hill of ice covered by a syrup called glaçon râpé (shredded ice) which is a must in Mauritius. You will adopt this sensation of softness from the first spoonful.

 Mahebourg by StayMauritius

Last visit of Mahébourg, but not least: the Biscuiterie Rault

Founded in 1870, you will discover a small but prestigious family business that creates biscuits from cassava flour, the only one in the world! Discover the process, from factory to packaging, in their traditional factory and end the visit with a tasting of freshly baked cassava biscuits (biscuits manioc).



  • La Vallée de Ferney

La Vallée de Ferney is an extremely important conservation and ecotourism area, one of the last natural refuges on the island. The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation has reintroduced here several other endangered species, including the pink pigeon and the echo parrot. It is also the natural habitat of the rare and endangered Mauritian kestrel. Keep an eye on them if you go for a hike!


Besides discovering the unique natural habitats and ecosystems, you can also enjoy the picturesque views of the surrounding area, with hiking trails through the valley's native forests where guided tours are available. This makes this hike an ideal excursion for wildlife and nature lovers.

  • Ferney Falaise Rouge Restaurant

Falaise Rouge is dedicated to delicious Mauritian cuisine. This restaurant stands majestically in the bay of Grand Port and offers a magnificent view of the Lion Mountain, giving you the privilege of contemplating an essential part of Mauritian history.

Ferney Falaise Rouge Restaurant

You will have the opportunity to enjoy a succulent meal of local specialities in an exceptional setting. This is truly nature at its best. The restaurant serves only a Mauritian menu based on locally produced ingredients and vegetables grown in the small garden of Ferney.

After a visit in the South-East, if you are wondering where to have lunch, this restaurant is definitely recommended to complete your day.



South Map by StayMauritius


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