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7 Experiences Not-To-Be-Missed During Your Holidays in Mauritius

Published : 28/03/2018 09:06:56
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Mauritius is packed with adventures waiting to be discovered!

While there are a plethora of fun and exotic activities to undertake on this tropical island, if you want to experience its unique beauty, be sure to check out the activities below:

1.      Seaplane Tour with Born to Fly

Back in 2016, when the famous socialite, Paris Hilton, visited Mauritius, she took a tour of the island on this seaplane. Born to Fly offers seaplane tours of the southwest part of the island, where you can get an aerial view of the majestic Le Morne mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Right next to that you’ll also be able to see the famous underwater waterfall illusion.

born to fly

2.      Local Street Food Tour of Port Louis with Taste Buddies

If you want to really get to know Mauritius, you must taste it!

In 2017, The Telegraph and CNN ranked Port Louis as one of the best cities for street food in the world. Mauritian cuisine, like its culture, has influences from around the world that include Indian, Chinese, French, British and African. Taste Buddies takes you on an authentic culinary journey of Port Louis. While exploring the streets and markets of the capital city, you’ll get a taste of the different food from the best street vendors, all while learning about the island’s rich culture and history.

local street food tour

3.      Electro Bike Discovery Tour of the South

Breathe in the pure air of the wild south, as you take a leisurely bike ride through its scenic routes on an Electro Bike. The bike has four levels of electric assistance, and on the whole, it allows you to cycle for longer distances with less fatigue so you can appreciate the lush, picturesque views and nature that surround you. For those keen on getting a real workout while exploring the south, all you need to do is turn off the electric-assistance and you’re set!

4.      Undersea Walk

If you’re NOT an experienced scuba diver, the next best way to explore the vibrant marine life of the Indian Ocean is to go for an undersea walk. Even if you can’t swim, this ‘sub-marine’ stroll is ideal. With help from a helmet (a lot like the ones astronauts wears) that is connected to a special apparatus which allows for normal breathing, you can discover this underwater world (and also feel like you are walking on the moon).

5.      Dolphin Swimming

Definitely an unforgettable experience, be sure to take a swim with the dolphins on the west coast of Mauritius. Need we say more?

swim with dolphins

6.      The Tea Route

Take a trip back to colonial times with the famed Tea Route. Comprising three main stops, the first stop lies in the centre of the island on the outskirts of Curepipe, at the Domaine des Aubineaux. Here, you can explore the colonial mansion, its old portraits and antiquated items.

Next head off to the famous Bois Cheri tea plantation, where you can get a guided tour of the factory and its museum, then head off for a tea tasting session in the restaurant. If you are feeling tired, feel free to take a break at the adjacent Bubble Lodge for the night, where you can immerse yourself in nature and sleep comfortably under the stars in a transparent bubble-shaped dome.

The next morning, after breakfast, drive down to Domaine de St Aubin to tour the estate’s sugar and vanilla plantations as well as the rum and essential oils distillery. End it off with an exquisite lunch in their restaurant.

tea route

7.      A Sega Show

Buried deep in the roots of Mauritian history, Sega was born in colonial times when slavery was still practised. Slaves would express themselves through these folkloric songs and dances. Today, Sega is embraced as an integral part of the cultural identity of the island. Be sure to catch a Sega show, which is performed in various places throughout the island.

sega show

For more information on where and how you can undertake these activities, contact StayMauritius today!