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When to Visit Mauritius?

Published : 28/03/2018 10:10:20
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Mauritius is a vibrant mosaic full of surprises. This island offers unique experiences, thrilling adventures and moments of pure emotion. Mauritius benefits from a pleasant climate throughout the year. However, some experiences can only be enjoyed at particular times of the year.


It’s the heart of summer. After taking a dip in the sea, it's time to refuel your energy levels. How about some longan? The name of this fruit derives from its Chinese name "lung ngaan", which literally means "dragon's eye". As you can see, the longan comes from Asia, and like lychees, Mauritians owe it to the botanist Jean-François Charpentier de Cossigny de Palma for bringing it to the island. In addition to its refreshing taste, this small fruit is rich in vitamin A, which helps gives the skin a radiant glow.


During the wettest months of the year, you can swap going to the beach to instead cool off under one of the cascading waterfalls found all over the island. It’s also a great time to go hiking to enjoy exceptional views of the lush green forests mixed with the cool azure waters of the Indian Ocean.

Also, why not take some time to discover the three different cultures of the country? To start off, there is the abolition of slavery, commemorated on February 1 at the foot of Morne Brabant, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then, the Hindus go on a pilgrimage to Grand Basin to celebrate Maha Shivaratree, "the great night of Shiva". Finally, for the Spring Festival, Mauritians of Chinese descent honour their ancestors and ward off evil spirits with firecrackers. On this occasion, those who participate in the celebration share delicious treats with their compatriots of other faiths.

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Each year, the independence of Mauritius is celebrated with much fanfare on March 12th. Towns and villages display the four national colours - red, blue, yellow and green – through lights, banners or murals. The main event is a concert where the best of the artists of the moment perform after the police parade at the Champ de Mars Racecourse in Port Louis. At the end of the month, it is on this same racecourse, the oldest in the southern hemisphere, that an exciting season of horse racing starts.


Since 2016, Mauritius participates in the International Jazz Day held on the 30th of April each year and declared by UNESCO. Starting on April 1st, the Mama Jaz festival makes the country swing for a month with quality workshops, film screenings and concerts, bringing together the biggest names in Mauritian jazz as well as a selection of international guests.


In May, Mauritian families go Cattley guava (strawberry guava) picking. In Grand Bassin, the Black River Gorges, Nicolière or Plaine-Champagne, this annual fruit-picking event has become a local ritual at the beginning of the austral winter. The tangy red or yellow fruits can be used to make jam or rum – an absolute delight!


The wind is rising, and the sails are swelling. It's the beginning of the kitesurfing season. Mauritius has become a must for this adrenaline-inducing sport. Popular spots include Bel Ombre in the south, Poste Lafayette in the east, Cap Malheureux in the north, and the legendary Le Morne in the southwest. With all these diverse spots, Mauritius offers the best conditions for both beginners and experienced kitesurfers.


Trail running events take place in Mauritius throughout the year. But the month of July sees the organisation of the Mauritius Marathon and the famous Dodo Trail that take place in the west of the island and offer breathtaking views.


This is the perfect month for those who cannot stand the summer heat. Temperatures range from 22°C to 25°C. The seawater temperature is pleasant enough for a relaxing swim and great for surfing over at Tamarin or Rivière des Galets.

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Chamarel, New Grove, Labourdonnais. These names refer to Mauritian rum producers, the oldest being Saint Aubin, created in 1819. The recent upsurge of distilleries has resulted in the establishment of a real rum culture amongst the inhabitants and visitors of the island. Since 2016, the Mauritius Rum Festival at Le Suffren Hotel & Marina in Port Louis has gathered more than 20 exhibitors with dozens of rums from around the world. Placed alongside the countries that produce the most prestigious sugar cane alcohol, Mauritius has proved, through this event, that it produces some of the finest rums in the world.


With a dry and mild climate, October is the perfect month to enjoy all the fun Mauritius has to offer. Nature takes on its colour again: trees bloom, and tropical birds reappear. Whether you’re windsurfing, on a paddleboard or snorkelling, you’ll be able to admire some of the most beautiful treasures the ocean has to offer. In October, you can also make the most of the warm evenings, especially during Île Courts - International Short Film Festival of Mauritius, which projects short films and hosts open-air film screenings in various spots of the island over a period of five days.


Knock knock, summer is back! The rainfall is almost at zero and the longer days allow for delightful boat trips. Kaz’Out, a local festival, chose this period to organise an eclectic one-day musical celebration.


After a fantastic scuba diving or fishing trip, you might be tempted to do some night shopping in the duty-free shops of the island. Finally, celebrate Christmas in swimsuits while enjoying juicy mangoes and delicious lychees.

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