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Your Easter holidays in Mauritius

Published : 03/02/2020 13:58:26
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One of the aspects that most amaze travellers during their holidays in Mauritius is the cultural diversity of the island. A mosaic of origins and ethnicities give way to a unique cosmopolitan tapestry. The population is a mix of people with Indian, African, Asian and European roots who coexist peacefully and these different heritages are complemented by a pluricultural mix of religions, where everyone is free to practise the faith they wish.

Along this blog, we'll be talking about Easter in Mauritius.

As is the case for Christians all over the world, the Christian community in Mauritius generally fasts for 40 days before Easter, starting on Ash Wednesday. During the last week before Easter Sunday, various celebrations take place in many churches spread across the island.

If you are in the area, go and attend a mass in one of the churches of the island, an unmissable cultural moment. These three churches listed below are priceless:

  • Cap Malheureux Church in the north 
  • Notre Dame du Fatima at Petite Riviere
  • Chapelle Le-Seigneur-de-la-Pêche-Miraculeuse at La Gaulette

Cap Malheureux Church

Dissimulated in the island, you will also find catholic caves:

Mauritian culture by staymauritius

Do not hesitate to ask us all your questions, our local experts will be happy to guide you and advise you on the best sites or anything else you want to know.

On Easter Day, the Mauritian Catholics celebrating this event share a delicious meal with special dishes with their families - such as barbecued lamb for example, or a delicious duck dish. And of course, the famous chocolate sharing, so much awaited by the youngest ones. 

For a stress-free lunch or diner, our in-house chef can come to your holiday home and concoct delicious Easter meals for the whole family.

In-house chef by StayMauritius

You can also order a delicious breakfast which will be served at your door. We know the kids love it!

Breakfast by StayMauritius

But why come and spend your Easter holidays in Mauritius in April?

This season's FABULOUS weather of course!

Here are some points that will convince you to come and spend your April holidays in Mauritius:

  • April is the last official month of summer in Mauritius.
  • The temperature is getting more and more pleasant. Temperatures generally fluctuate between 28 and 32 degrees along the coast.
  • Sea temperatures remain warm, at around 28 degrees, making April a popular month for sea activities.
  • Rainfall is slightly lower than in March, but decreases sharply at the end of April. The end of the month is hence the best period for outdoor activities.
  • Cyclones are still a possibility in April, however they are less common than they are in January, February and March.
  • Sunshine levels are similar to those in March. The North and West typically see the most sunshine.
  • April is not a windy month.

Your days of lazing on the beach, swimming in the crystal clear waters and exploring the island are guaranteed. 

There's so much to do with your kids!

From water sports to cultural activities, you will be served. Here are 5 ideal activities to do with your children:

Activities by StayMauritius

Tips from Isabelle, our local expert : “April is the perfect month to enjoy our lagoons, the clarity of the water is impressive. Beyond the idyllic beaches and the sea, discover the countryside and the locals, for a complete stay. Ask me anything you want, I'm here to help you plan your perfect holiday!” 

Here is our selection of self catering holiday accommodations in Mauritius that are child-friendly:

Mauritius is a fabulous place to spend Easter, with tropical gardens and dazzling white beaches offering unique scenery for a sensational Easter egg hunt. Let’s go!

  • Villa Cambier - Le Morne, west coast. 25% for all stays until the end of August!

Villa Cambier by StayMauritius

Review from Graham: “A peaceful and very pleasant place! Everything was clean and pleasant and we have a special bonus to have a 360 view of the ocean and the mountain. It's worth every penny.”

Blue Bay Living Penthouse by StayMauritius

Review from Hanna: “We stayed here for 5 days and loved it. Great view on the island of Deux Cocos and a wonderful penthouse. Perfect for relaxing and spending time with the family.”

  • Bois d’Oiseaux - Trou aux Biches, northwestern coast. 15% off for all stays until end of August!

Bois d'Oiseaux by StayMauritius

Review from Alexandre: “The quality of the accommodation combined with the local expertise of the staff, all for a unique holiday without the slightest constraint.”

  • Koki Bonheur - Poste Lafayette, east coast. 15% discount for all stays until the end of August!

Koki Bonheur by StayMauritius

Review from Buni: “Great honeymoon trip! We stayed in Koki for 5 days. [...] We live in the Master Room and open the balcony window to the sea. The whole villa has two swimming pools, and the private sea area can be walked down the beach. [...] Manager warmly welcomed us and introduced everything about Koki and its surroundings. [...] Very comfortable! Good choice! We enjoyed our honeymoon in Koki Bonheur!”

Villa Alizee by StayMauritius

Review from Lucie: “The perfect place for those, who are looking for peaceful holidays far from the busy hotel resorts and at the same time close to the beach and other activities. [...] Super family holidays. ”

Sable et Mer by StayMauritius

Review from Reindert: “This is what made the holidays. We were actively looking for a 5-bedroom house. The assistance was really appreciated - Isabelle is great and was really helpful to answer all our questions, especially before arrival. [...] It’s so easy to be in the house compared to a hotel. No schedule. You don’t have to think about time.”

La Case Creole by StayMauritius

Review from Adison: “I liked it was on the beachfront, it came with kayaks which was great fun. [...] This house is especially ideal for a group of 6 or 8 as there is plenty of room and beds. [...] It’s a quieter location away from real tourist hotspots which tend to be on the opposite coast on the west of Mauritius. [...] Nothing about the property I disliked. It was very nice.”

Veloutier Blanc by StayMauritius

Review from Katja: “Great house, right on the beach. In the house everything is available what you need (dishes, washing machine, dishwasher, sun beds and pillows, etc). Two beautiful terraces - one with access to the beach and one at the back of the house. No complaints about the accommodation - our expectations were exceeded.”

If you're looking for the ultimate self catering accommodation in Mauritius this Easter holidays or just to say hello:

  • Write to us: hello@staymauritius.com
  • Call us on +230 403 53 15
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