The Thinker

What do you do at StayMauritius?
Translating a vision into an unparalleled experience of Mauritius!
Your most important holiday accommodation feature?
Nothing beats an amazing, mesmerising view!
What makes you proud to be a Mauritian?
Our whole history! An island in the middle of nowhere that at one point in history was filled with sugar cane fields nearly everywhere, and has now become one of the most stable, diversified and peaceful countries in the world with a remarkable culture and on top of that, the quality of life is unbeatable.
Favourite local dish?
Not historically Mauritian, but we adopted it – Biryani.
Mauritian Tea, Rum or Beer?
Throughout the year, it's, on average, 26 degrees and sunny over here... So I'll let you deduce what cold beverage matches that... It's nearly a symbol of our country!
Favourite outdoor activity?
I've got two: road trips and boating.