The StayMauritius Stamp of Approval

We carefully select and inspect properties to ensure the most comfortable stays.

Your accommodation can either make or break your trip. The slightest issue with the place you're staying in can have an impact on how much you enjoy it. At StayMauritius, we consider a number of factors when assessing a property before it receives our 'Stamp of Approval' for inclusion on our website.

A home away from home

We want you to feel at home and free to do what you usually do.


Space, comfort, and cleanliness are all taken into consideration. We also ensure that properties are well equipped with amenities that are properly maintained and functioning (and if not, are either rapidly replaced or repaired).

Our catalogue

Easy beach access is essential

Because a holiday to a tropical island is only complete when you have either a sea-view or are close to a beach where you can swim.

It's a given that the properties need to deliver world-class quality service. And since a holiday is essentially a break from the routine, we also ensure that a daily cleaning service is provided.

Our Services

Free Personalised & Local Assistance

Before and during your trip you can contact our local holiday gurus for personalised assistance.

Searching for comfortable accommodation in close vicinity of your preferred activities? Want to find the greenest greens in Mauritius? Looking for adventure but not sure where to find it? Our consultants are only a call away!

On-Time Responses…
Every Time

Time is of the essence.

Whether you're planning a surprise, spur of the moment getaway for your spouse or planning the family holidays 8 months in advance, we know time is precious. Our consultants understand the value of your time and are available via chat and email. We'll get back to you within 1-hour max… unless we're sleeping.

Book with Ease


Although you may not be able to book instantly online for the moment, you can still confirm your booking within a short timeframe with help from our reservation team. With all the properties we have on offer, there is no centralised reservation system on the island currently, so we kind of kick it old school for the moment. No worries though, our booking engine is a work in progress and is coming soon!

We Care… Really!

Our passionate team really wants you to have the best time possible throughout your stay in Mauritius.

Nothing is left to guessing because the best experience can only be assured when you have experienced it! That's why people tend to look at reviews on TripAdvisor to see what other people say about their experience there. Our job to do all the researching, testing and experiencing for you so when you call us, we can give you honest opinions and advice according to your wants.

Pay Market Rates - Guaranteed

Benefit from all our services for the same price as other booking websites.

With us, not only are you booking accommodation, but you also benefit from our complementary holiday consultancy and concierge services. You get all that while paying the exact same rates as when booking in direct with suppliers - guaranteed!

Our Loyalty Program

Are you a StayMauritius regular?

Like any good friend, we keep note of all your personal preferences, so we can easily continue the conversation where we left off and instantly recommend the best for your future stays! You can also benefit from our loyalty rewards if you are a regular booker with StayMauritius, which includes: special rates, free airport transfers, and free nights.