The tropical island of Mauritius

One dream holiday

A few dashes of premium accommodations from all over the island

A pinch of activities and services, to taste

Equipment needed


One friend from StayMauritius

One complementary Concierge Service

Your spouse/partner (Optional, but recommended)

Your kids (Optional)

Your parents (Optional)

Your siblings (Optional)

Your in-laws (Totally optional)

A group of friends (Optional)


Step 1:

Using your StayMauritius friend, take the island of Mauritius and evenly spread your dream holiday all over the island.

Step 2:

Gently mix in the premium accommodations.

Step 3:

Using the concierge service, marinate it with a pinch of activities and services. Taste, if needed you can sprinkle in more activities and services during the perfect holiday.

Step 4:

Book it all in one go with help from your StayMauritius friend.

Step 5:

Whip your luggage together and get on the plane together with your optional equipment (if any).

Step 6:

After checking into your first accommodation, bake under the tropical sun until golden brown.

Step 7:

With help from the concierge service, garnish it with an authentic street food tour of Port Louis in the northwest, and then hike up Le Morne Mountain in the southwest to view the island's exceptional beauty from the top. Toss in an undersea walk experience in the east, after walking with lions in the west. Stir all that in with so much more, all while meeting the friendly locals and appreciating the various accommodations that facilitate your adventures.

Step 8: