It's 1.30 am
you've been browsing the internet for the last 3 hours in search of the perfect place to stay for your holidays.

You've checked dozens of websites and read a plethora of TripAdvisor reviews. Yet, you're still not sure if the accommodations you've seen have everything you personally want.


Sure, maybe "Sally2309", from Auckland, rated that beachfront bungalow in the South of Mauritius 5-stars, but you still have your doubts.


Just one missing feature in your accommodation of choice can make all the difference between the holiday of a lifetime and a wistful one.

Gosh! it would be so much simpler & quicker if you had a trusty friend over there who you could call up, tell them what you're looking for and then, they'll recommend the best places for you. From where to stay to what activities to do, they'll have you covered.

Have you ever wished that before?
We have...

A New Era of Travel Begins

"The perfect holiday experience starts with where you're staying"

And that's how we came up with the idea for StayMauritius

We'll be your trusty friend in Mauritius and passionately share knowledgeable advice on the best places to stay

Because we truly believe that the key to planning the perfect holiday experience starts with where you're staying.

We aim to help you

the modern-day explorer, the adventure seekers, and the experience hunters to:


Find the perfect accommodation


Book the best activities & services with aid from our Concierge Service

Get local assistance before and throughout your holiday in Mauritius


At StayMauritius, we feature all types of premium holiday accommodation to ensure you're spoilt for choice.

Still, we tend to recommend self-catering accommodation, because we genuinely believe it is the perfect way to feel at home all while empowering your island discovery experience