Mauritius is more than just an island with beautiful beaches and an abundance of luxury beachside resorts...

it is a destination rich in authentic experiences…

a family-friendly destination where you'll find something for everyone.

It's a breeze to find a resort that provides everything you'll need for a fantastic holiday – a variety of foods, 5-star service, as well as a vast itinerary of activities that'll keep you and your family entertained all holiday long.

But which resort is best?

Or maybe the real question is:
Why limit yourself to one corner of the island when you can make the whole of Mauritius your resort?

Where to stay?

It's all about the experience..

When we visit a place, we want to have that unique experience
that we cannot have anywhere else in the world.

As hospitality industry experts, we noticed the change in tourism trends over the years. From spending weeks relaxing on the beach in one 'singular' resort, to actually leaving the hotel premises and discovering the island and its culture – holidays have become all about the experience.

are you ready?

Your Island Playground

Like an enthusiastic kid running around a playground filled with recreational
equipment and making the most of the limited time they have there, you too can
make Mauritius your playground!

Over the centuries, each corner of Mauritius has grown its own unique character and provides different experiences for travellers. Even the beaches are unique with each one offering it's own distinctive experience, such as :

  • the buzz of the bustling
    In the north

  • the intimacy of a private
    In the south

  • the calmness of the serene beaches
    In the east

All while appreciating the diverse beaches the island has to offer, you can shop in the north then explore the tea route while driving down the centre of the island to embrace the lush nature of the wild south.

Next, take a relaxing break on the peaceful beaches of the east before going on a safari tour in the west

At StayMauritius, we believe that is the best way to experience Mauritius: by making it your playground and turning it into one big resort. That's why we came up with the concept #MauritiusMyResort

What is #MauritiusMyResort?

"In one simple booking process your whole holiday can be set out"

Depending on the length of your stay, you'll ideally move through 2,3 or maybe more different accommodations. Each one situated on a different corner of the island. And for that purpose, our consultants are here to faciliate your adventure

According to your needs, we'll help you select several accommodations close to the different activities you want to do.

With help from our Concierge Service, tell us where you want to go, what you want to do, and we'll recommend a complete itinerary for the ultimate Mauritian holiday experience.